Primary Focus

What is Nurse Coaching?

As our world and the people within it change, we as healthcare providers know our practice must adapt to meet that change. Nurse coaching was born out of the need and desire of healthcare professionals to meet that recognized need for increased health promotion and disease prevention using a better model for client care - a whole being approach.

Nurse coaching is a certification within registered nursing practice. Using the experience, scientific knowledge base, and skills of RN practice, Nurse coaches use interviewing and guided questioning, positive psychology, and a whole being approach (Mind, Body, Spirit) to help you to move to a state of better balance and health in your life. Referrals, recommendations, and education is provided based on our sessions. Nurse coaches know you are the expert in your own life and you, and only you, can move yourself forward in your journey.  

How does it work?

Always within a compassionate, supportive, and collaborative relationship, I conduct an assessment and we meet to look at all aspects of who you truly are. A care plan or roadmap is then created for your health journey. We then meet every 7-14 days focusing on small consistent goals to guide you to increased confidence and sustainable health and wellness to transcend you to a better state of being.